Halal Meats and Deli in Cleveland, Ohio at Holyland Supermarket

Unlike other stores which only carry frozen meat, Holyland Supermarket specializes in fresh Halal meat delivered 5–6 days per week direct to our store. Our deli is stocked daily with a variety of cuts including skinless, marinated, ground, and steak available for purchase. Custom-order your meat from our in-house butcher, something you won’t find at many of our competitors. Our Halal meat selection includes chicken, lamb, veal, beef, goat, gyro meat, Halal sausages, and Halal pepperoni. Deli choices include turkey, pastrami, mortadella, and much more prepared fresh daily. If you’re searching for specialty meats, we offer kidneys, livers, hearts, intestines, gizzards, and brain. Call ahead and our friendly staff will help coordinate your order to your exact needs, making it easy to provide your guests with an unforgettable meal.

A Few of Our Commonly Stocked Halal Meats and Deli Items[1]

Ground Beef Kafta Cleveland Ohio

Pork Chops Kabobs Cleveland Ohio

Grill Ready Halal Beef Ribs Cleveland Ohio

Halal Beef Chicken Cleveland Ohio

[1] Commonly stocked food items are not guaranteed in our inventory. Please call ahead or visit our store to see what we have in-stock.