Holyland International Import Supermarket

Holyland Supermarket understands that the best meals start with the highest-quality foods. That’s why we carry only the best international imported goods, Halal meats, fresh produce, and spices that you simply won’t find at other grocery stores. No matter what type of dish you’re preparing, you’ll find imports from Middle Eastern, European, Asian, Indian, and Hispanic regions at Holyland Supermarket.

Unlike other stores, our Halal fresh meat selection including lamb, goat, beef, and chicken is delivered 5-6 days per week from Detroit, Columbus, and Pennsylvania. Browse our huge selection of ground, marinated, and skinless meats or custom-order from our in-house butcher. You’ll also find a selection of deli meats, sausages, steak cuts, and pepperoni. Other specialties include whole lambs, goats, intestines, and livers.

Our selection of produce lets you enjoy the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables in the Cleveland area. Our fruit offerings include bananas, peaches, lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, four types of apples, plantains, and nectarines. Whether you’re looking for tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, peppers, onions, spinach, or cilantro for that special dish — you’ll find a massive selection at Holyland Supermarket.

Delivered fresh 6 days per week, fresh bread and pita options include Aladdin’s, Jasmine’s, naan, and markouk. We also carry a selection of grains, flour, and wheat to suit your needs. Looking for dairy or cheese? Holyland Supermarket offers an abundant supply of all types of cheese including feta, haloumi, nabulsi, akawi, mozzarella, curds, and much more.

Inside our store, you’ll find the majority of our inventory easily available for grab-and-go purchases with our helpful staff standing by to assist you. We also serve many local businesses and restaurants. Our bulk specials help maximize your savings in addition to our already low prices. Simply give us a call at (216) 671-7736(216) 671-7736 and we’ll be happy to help you prepare a bulk or custom order to your exact specifications.

Our History

Holyland International Import Supermarket has proudly offered a huge selection of unique products, fresh produce, and Halal meats to shoppers in Cleveland, Ohio for over 25 years. Family-owned and operated from the start, Holyland Supermarket was first opened in 1994 by the Mohammad brothers. To this very day, the family works to give shoppers the care and attention they deserve while still offering a tremendous selection of imported goods.

Not only will you find the best prices and the largest selection in the area, Holyland Supermarket carries a huge variety of international imported goods along with custom Halal meat trimmed in-house by our butcher. To express our gratitude for the community we have served for 30 years, Holyland Supermarket is proud to give back through donations and support for local schools, mosques, charities, and Feed the Hungry programs.

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